Doctor Madrigal

Chief Physician of the Estate


Doctor Madrigal is the head of the medical facilities at the Estate. He is responsible for patching up agents hurt in the line of duty, but he also devotes much of his time to studying the physical impact of the Strange. He does not yet have sufficient proof, but he is beginning to suspect that translation has a range of deleterious effects on the human body, ranging from neuro-degenerative diseases to cancer to weak bladder. Given that he lacks solid proof, Director Manners has asked him to keep his views to himself.

Doctor Madrigal is originally from Sweden, and began his work for the Estate after an unspecified incident caused him to lose his position at the Karolinska Institute.

Hertzfeld has noticed, and commented publicly, that Doctor Madrigal has an astonishingly small footprint on the internet for someone who used to work at such a prestigious medical institution.


Doctor Madrigal

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