The Estate

To the world at large, the Estate is a philanthropic institute interested in funding research in several scientific fields of inquiry. While that’s partly true (the facade works because the Estate does award scientific grants to various deserving causes on a yearly basis), the Estate’s actual goal is to protect the Earth—and all of its life forms— from all threats to its existence from
the Strange. As one of only a handful of organizations cognizant of the dark energy network, the Estate is uniquely positioned to deal with the threats the Strange represents.

The Estate was founded in memory of Carter Strange. Known as Carter Morrison on Earth, he saved Earth and created Ardeyn. Exactly how Morrison saved the planet is one of the Estate’s most closely guarded secrets. It’s possible that most of the lead operatives or chief investigators don’t even know the whole story.

The Estate is headquartered in the Seattle region, having purchased a local airline company’s unused office parks for its own purposes. Several buildings make up the Estate, all behind a checkpoint through which visitors are allowed only if accompanied by an operative or associate, or by appointment. Here, staff issue visitor badges, and they take
security very seriously. HQ houses offices for administration, offices for operatives, a cafeteria, a dojo for combat training, analytics, a communication center, a garage that holds a variety of vehicles, a computer lab, meeting rooms, an auditorium, security center, IT, and more, including the following:

Full-time Estate members have the option of staying in functional dormitory-style
rooms. They aren’t extraordinary, but they’re clean, warm, and safe. Operatives who choose
to live off-site can still requisition an emergency dorm for special circumstances.

Visitor’s Center
A visitor’s center, devoted to telling the story of the Morrison Fellowship
Prize, is a five-minute drive off-site. It’s staffed entirely by employees who don’t know anything about the Estate’s real purposes, who do a great job in popularizing and advocating for the Prize.

Gate House
The Gate House (which is always under strict security) contains several permanent recursion gates (mostly translation gates, but a few inapposite gates) connected to various locations in Ardeyn, a few places in Ruk, and several lesser-known recursions. Most of these recursion gates require a key or password.

Recursion Lab
Research on the nature of gates, the interaction of laws, the nature of
fundament, and the like is conducted in this stand-alone structure. One hot research topic is
finding ways to seal recursion gates quickly and completely. Some researchers prefer a quicksealing expanding foam, while others prefer a “negation charge” (which doesn’t leave behind a gate that could be unsealed later).

This structure houses an extensive archive and library of hard-to-find books and
similar documents. A lot of material regarding recursions predates the Internet, and the Estate library gathers as much of it as it can.

Connected securely to the Gate House and Recursion Lab, Holding is a kind
of detention center for keeping dangerous individuals, whether that means [REDACTED], an operative who temporarily lost her marbles by spending too long in the Strange, or a creature from another recursion bent on destruction. The facility contains a variety of cells, including a couple of experimental pocket dimension secure chambers where the law of Substandard Physics operates, which provide no foci and dampen the abilities of quickened individuals. Translating out of a cell in Holding requires a difficulty 9 translation roll.

The Vault
The Vault stores dangerous artifacts from other recursions brought to Earth through inapposite gates, as well as items that (like cyphers) translate to Earth but remain incredibly dangerous.

The Estate stores arms and ammunition in this bunkerlike structure. Here, weapons are also maintained and repaired, issued to authorized users, and tested. Combat training is also conducted on the extensive firing range beneath the armory. Most kinds of legal firearms are stored in the armory, as well as a few weapons normally available only to the military. The armory also contains several cypher weapons, carefully stored to avoid deletion chain-reaction. These cyphers may be issued to operatives for important missions. The Armory is always under the watchful eye’s of Reggie.

Mission Briefing Rooms
When operatives are assigned to an official mission, they receive a mission briefing in a set of conference rooms designed to pass information quickly and efficiently. During such a briefing, the PCs receive any necessary handouts, photos, and information. They can also request a mission kit from Reggie, which could include a cypher or two, some “spy” equipment, and a car from the garage. Operatives who return equipment after use are more likely to continue to enjoy the privilege of receiving mission kits.

The Estate

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