Welcome to the Estate

Please, Your Attention

Please do not pick the hybridized colchicum autumnale in the gardens near the south gate. It is for your own good and I do not have the time to interrupt my work and explain once again that there is no antidote.

-Dr. Francis Montpellier

(When did I write this?)

Welcome back
In which several missing Estate agents return home

After having gone missing for some weeks, five field agents were recently located in a previously unknown recursion. It is believed that this recursion had unique memory altering properties, as all five field agents believed themselves to already be on Earth and had no memory of the Strange or the Estate when encountered.

It took several trips and the combined efforts of Agent Sasha, Agent Marcus, and even Director Manners to retrieve the agents.

Among those recovered were the following:

Agent Thomas Payne: he was found inhabiting a persona known as “Clint”

Agent Montpelier: found inhabiting a persona known as “Kevin”

Agent Silas: found inhabiting a persona known as “Jon”

Agent Arcturus: found inhabiting a persona known as “Greg”

Agent {{data corrupted}} : found inhabiting a persona known as “Kimi”

One field agent is still missing, but is presumed to be trapped in the same recursion, now being referred to as Lethe.

Doctor Madrigal has assessed all the returned agents and found them fit for active duty, though he recommends they refrain from translating pending observation. He is concerned about their mental well-being after having their memories manipulated. Specific areas for concern include:
- Agents Montpelier and {{data corrupted}} engaging in unauthorized relationship in Lethe. The effects of this on the involved Agents back on Earth has yet to be determined.

- Agents Silas and Arcturus were observed to be imbibing alcohol and using recreational drugs in a manner unbecoming Estate Agents.

- Agent Payne was observed to have a family in Lethe. Given his history, Dr. Madrigal has concerns this could trigger PTSD.

Director Manners has been informed of all these concerns, and has approved probationary return to active duty. Translation is strictly prohibited for the above agents, pending field assessment.


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